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Thursday, November 29, 2007

British Teacher to recieve forty lashes

A British teacher in Sudan, Gillian Gibbons, who went there to help the Sudanese people was sentenced to forty lashes of the cane for allowing her students name a teddy bear 'Muhammad'. Wonders shall never end. The sentence is now 15 days imprisonment.

In September, Mrs Gibbons, 54, allowed her class of primary school pupils to name the teddy bear Muhammad as part of a study of animals and their habitats.
The court heard that she was arrested on Sunday after another member of staff at Unity High School complained to the Ministry of Education.

She had been accused on three counts of insulting religion, inciting hatred and showing contempt for religious beliefs.

They said she will be jailed for fifteen days for insulting their religion and will be deported after serving her term.

The British government, through a Sudanese lawyer, are trying to apeeal, but so far, they have not suceeded.

Me, i am making no further comment on this before they will whoop me 100 lashes. lol. Dem never born dem! Lol.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Richard wins Big Brother Africa 2.

Tanzania's Richard Bezuidenhout has won Big Brother Africa II. "Don't say nothing, dawg". Lol.

Richard had a fantastic time in the house, fell in love or lust with Tatiana, had several fights with his housemates( mainly because he didn't want to share Tatiana with them), survived nomination five times and eventually won the grande prize of $100 000.

His brother and sister were there to welcome him. However, his wife Ricky, wasn't there to welcome him, which was no surprise.

Tatiana went on stage to congratulate Richard, hugged his brother and sister, then continued the celebration with her fellow 1o housemates. Lerato, Meryl, Ofunneka, Justice, Jeff, Code and his girlfriend, Kweku, Bertha, Maxwell and Maureen.

Nigeria's Ofunneka Molokwu took second place, with Tatiana Durao of Angola coming in third.

Richard received votes from Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe. Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Zambia and the rest of Africa voted for Ofunneka, while Tatiana received Angola's vote.

Richard entertained everyone who watched BBA II. He was a fantastic entertainer and his game plan paid off. Lol.

Congratulations man!!!