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Saturday, January 12, 2013

New artists: Val O'bil Wings Ricky Blaze - Model

Wings, Val O’bil and Rickyblaze make up the clique TOPZ AKADEMY.

Val O’bil, is my 20 yr old cousin (Yes ke :-) ) rapper, singer and video director. He enjoys hitting songs with iconic rap verses and stylish punchlines. He's so so cute and tall and I'm so proud of him! He has a single titled 'E ja ko'.
Wingz, the second act in the group is an R n B, afro hip hop singer.
The third act, Rickyblaze is 23 yrs old and has the eccentric style of music fused with dance hall n reggae tunes.
Topz Akademy will soon be a musical force to reckon with in Naija and someday..around the world. Here is the video of their hit single ‘MODEL”. Watch it and download it on your mobile phone.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

I watched this video and thought it was hilarious! I laughed my a$$ off and decided to share. LMAO!

Cameroon court frees 2 men jailed for 'looking gay'

Hahaha, I can't fit to laugh. Check out this story, lol. A Cameroon appeals court has overturned the conviction of two men who were sentenced to five years in prison for "looking gay" and ordering Bailey's Irish Cream. The Court of Appeals Monday acquitted the men and ordered their release. The two men were convicted in November 2011 and had already spent more than a year in jail, where they were subjected to abuse from guards and other prisoners, according to human rights advocates.

Donald Trump sends Bill Maher birth certificate, awaits $5 million

Comedian Bill Maher may have bit off more than he can chew with a challenge he issued to Donald Trump.

On Monday night’s “Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” Maher mocked Trump’s offer to President Barack Obama prior to the November election to release his birth certificate in exchange for $5 million donated to the charity of the President’s choice.