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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Richard wins Big Brother Africa 2.

Tanzania's Richard Bezuidenhout has won Big Brother Africa II. "Don't say nothing, dawg". Lol.

Richard had a fantastic time in the house, fell in love or lust with Tatiana, had several fights with his housemates( mainly because he didn't want to share Tatiana with them), survived nomination five times and eventually won the grande prize of $100 000.

His brother and sister were there to welcome him. However, his wife Ricky, wasn't there to welcome him, which was no surprise.

Tatiana went on stage to congratulate Richard, hugged his brother and sister, then continued the celebration with her fellow 1o housemates. Lerato, Meryl, Ofunneka, Justice, Jeff, Code and his girlfriend, Kweku, Bertha, Maxwell and Maureen.

Nigeria's Ofunneka Molokwu took second place, with Tatiana Durao of Angola coming in third.

Richard received votes from Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe. Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Zambia and the rest of Africa voted for Ofunneka, while Tatiana received Angola's vote.

Richard entertained everyone who watched BBA II. He was a fantastic entertainer and his game plan paid off. Lol.

Congratulations man!!!


Anonymous said...

Vera that was not Richard's wife it was his sister!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous person, that was his sister and not his wife!!!!

Safarichic said...

hi vera, that was richards sister o!!! The one that lives in the US.

Anonymous said...

Markbukenya said: Why do misinform people. Who gave you the right to write lies. Richards wife never appeared on sunday finale show

Vera Ikeji said...

Chei, pls dont eat me up o!!!! I thought she was his wife 'Ricky'. lol. My mistake. But una go sofry tell me naa, lol.
Will change the story now b4 some people beat me up. lol.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Your blog is what simple and cool blogging is all about and not a jumble of all sorts.

You should give your sister some tutorial on blogging.
She seems not to know how to develop a niche blog as I have done for her mag on FM&B Magazine and I have to update it, because she gives me the impression of not being able to edit and publish a fashion, modeling and beauty blog and she does not want to learn from my links on Kisses & Roses.

She needs to live up to her billing as a serious publisher of a truly haute couture and style magazine.

Cheers and God bless.

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

was he the guy that was accused of rape?

Ms. emmotions said...

oriknila osinachi,

wat was that al about?
linda needs tutorial on blogging?
is that wat u honestly think?

then i wonder wat i t is exactly blogging means to u...

anys vera, u are doing just gr8, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

You dont dis your own in public, Orikinla, I am sure Linda is big enough to fight her own battles, but refrain from discussing personal matter of such importance in public. You are aware that Linda is putting a lot into her mag and she is trying her utmost best to push it up there, I am rather disappointed that you come here (in the public domain) and slag her efforts. Shame on you and I think you owe everyone an apology.
Vera na wah O! people go chew you O! which can mistake you come make now wey dem one comot ya head. Shebi you don apologetic now, you sef suffry suffry o! the otehr day na so you begin call excited jade weytin him mama no call am (lol)


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