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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baby Sold on Facebook

A businessman in India was recently caught as he attempted to buy a stolen baby on Facebook.

The man paid 800,000 rupes, or approximately $14,749, for the child. The kidnapped baby was being sold because of actions taken by the newborn’s grandfather.

According to local authorities, Feroz Khan kidnapped his grandson from the boy’s mom in Ludhiana, Punjab, India The grandfather told his daughter that her child was stillborn. The grandfather then sold the baby to a nurse who sold the child to a lab technician.

That lab technician, Gurpreet Singh, followed up the kidnapping by posting a picture of the 3-day-old boy on Facebook. Eventually, businessman Amit Kumar offered to purchase the newborn.

The baby’s mother became suspicious when her father gave her some of the cash from the sale.
Shortly after realizing what had happened, police tracked down and arrested Khan, his accomplice, and both of the hospital employees who initially purchased the newborn child.

Kumar is also facing charges for his part in the purchase of the kidnapped baby.

According to police, Khan sold the baby because he wanted to arrange a second marriage for his daughter. The girl’s dad believed she would not find a new husband if she was already raising a child. The child’s father abandoned his family before the birth.

Khan and the two hospital employees could face up to seven years in prison if found guilty.
Sadly, this is not the first time we have reported on a child being sold on Facebook. As previously stated, a mom in the United States tried to sell her two children for a measly $4,000.

Facebook actively monitors its network for illegal activities and routinely reports those activities to local police. Story from The Inquisitr.


Prachi Sharma said...

Facebook can do anything, Really nice post Vera

Vera Ikeji Shilobod said...

Thank you Prachi.

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chidimma said...

Nice blog!
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Oby Azike said...

oh dear!

warm hearts said...

what happens on facebook these days beats me.
please add to ur list vera nwannem..thank u

Anonymous said...

Bigger crime for the day....

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THE SECRET said...

Grrrr...I really hate people doing such crime. They never pity the baby's family. They should be put to prison.

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