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Friday, December 13, 2013

Brimfield Police Chief's Open Letter to Kanye West

Attention seeker aka Kanye West blasted crap ignorantly as he always does but this time he got a well deserved response from Brimfield Police Department Chief David Oliver.

Oliver’s post quickly went viral, collecting more than 90,009 shares and 123,000 likes.
Kanye’s latest set of dumb statements came during an interview on the Saturday Night Online radio show where he compared himself to a soldier saying he risks his life everyday on stage to perform!! Ummm...Mr. West really??
He said "I'm just giving of my body on the stage and putting my life at risk, literally," West said. “And if I slipped … You never know. And I think about it. I think about my family and I'm like ‘Wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something.’”

Police Chief Oliver decided to defend our men and women in uniform by writing the letter below:
Brimfield Police Department

Dear Kanye West,
I am honored to be writing such an important star. I am a mere Internet sensation. I’m not sure I am worthy to address you, although the Huffington Post did say I was “Humorous and Insanely Popular.” I don't pay much attention to those things. Anyway, please excuse my interference in your life for a quick second.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What does the fox say

I have watched this video several times and even though the lyrics doesn't appeal to me, I think it's funny. It's had 48,056,703 views since it was uploaded on September 3rd 2013. It had about 30 million views within the first week it was posted. The kind of stupid things humans like wont seize to amaze me, but hey... people need a good laugh sometimes, lol. I love the beats/sound though, Enjoy The Fox by Ylvis!

Monday, September 9, 2013

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Irish Taxi driver doesnt get mad but joins the party instead

An Irish Taxi Driver who couldn't get to his destination because of people street dancing at Juke Nismo Party decided to join in the fun and danced to Get Lucky.

This party seems to be organized by Nissan themselves, who brought a couple of Juke Nismos stuffed with speakers to the show.
Rather than throw a tantrum or road rage, he made do with the situation and had fun. That's what life is about; turning bad situations into good ones. We should learn from him.
Enjoy the video :-)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

South Africa, Nigeria agree on visa waiver for officials

South Africa and Nigeria have agreed to a visa waiver for officials of both countries. Key word being OFFICIALS not every Nigerian who wants to go 'hustle' there, lol.

The visa waiver was one of nine agreements signed between officials of both countries, during President Goodluck Jonathan’s visit to the former apartheid enclave. The other pacts cover oil and gas, power, defence and communication.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

James Gandolfini is dead

Oh My Freaking Goodness!!!! I can't believe James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano is DEAD!?!! I still find it hard to believe he's gone FOREVER!!

He went to freaking Italy on vacation and died today, WTH!! He was my MOST favorite actor. He was the BEST ACTOR in the freaking whole wide world!! I was sooooo looking forward to seeing him in Zero Dark Thirty, now I will watch that movie with tears streaming down my face. OMFG!!

James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano
News report:
"James Gandolfini, who played mobster Tony Soprano on HBO's seminal drama "The Sopranos," died suddenly today at the age of 51.
Gandolfini was traveling in Italy on vacation when he fell ill; conflicting reports have him suffering either a heart attack or a stroke. He is survived by his wife, Deborah Lin, and an eight-month-old daughter, Liliana, as well as a son, Michael, from a previous marriage.

HBO confirmed his death in a statement: "We're all in shock and feeling immeasurable sadness at the loss of a beloved member of our family. He was a special man, a great talent, but more importantly a gentle and loving person who treated everyone no matter their title or position with equal respect. He touched so many of us over the years with his humor, his warmth, and his humility. Our hearts go out to his wife and children during this terrible time. He will be deeply missed by all of us."

Wow!! The world has lost a very special person but the heavens have gained an amazing human that will keep them laughing all the time up there! I still can't believe he's gone!! WOW!! This life!!

May his soul rest in perfect peace

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I guess I aint SH#T, lol. I don't watch Basket Ball, but I'll be patriotic, lol. GO SPURS GO!! I hope they beat the Miami Heat tonight. :-)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baby Sold on Facebook

A businessman in India was recently caught as he attempted to buy a stolen baby on Facebook.

The man paid 800,000 rupes, or approximately $14,749, for the child. The kidnapped baby was being sold because of actions taken by the newborn’s grandfather.

According to local authorities, Feroz Khan kidnapped his grandson from the boy’s mom in Ludhiana, Punjab, India The grandfather told his daughter that her child was stillborn. The grandfather then sold the baby to a nurse who sold the child to a lab technician.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nicki Minaj wardrobe Malfunction on American Idol


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Venezuela turns prisons into posh resort

One prison in Venezuela has turned its penal system into a party system. The notorious San Antonio prison on the Venezuelan island of Margarita opened last Thursday a nightclub for inmates compete with lights, DJs and even strippers in a purported attempt reduce violence among inmates.
Admission to the so-called “Yacht Club” is free for inmates and their guests, usually invited through social networks and smart phones. Besides the scantily clad dancers and booming beats, the 600-person capacity club also has art, a light show and -- something not common in Venezuelan prisons -- air conditioning. The San Antonio prison is allegedly run by a drug trafficker called Teofilo Rodríguez, alias "El Conejo," or "Rabbit," and the prison itself has earned a reputation across the country for being well-armed and lavishly decorated with a palm-tree lined swimming pool and a cock fighting ring, according to a report by the Latin American news website InSight Crime

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The weirdest interview ever!!

I saw this interview a couple of days ago but only really watched it today and... boy, was this reporter clueless or what??? Lol.

Mila Kunis interviewed by Chris Stark of BBC Radio 1. So unprofessional!!! Lmbao!!
Check out the interview below, lol.

Star struck Chris Stark literally asked her out at least three times, lol. Dude, she's Ashton Kutcher's babe!! Lol.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rape Victim Sentenced To 100 Lashes

A 15-year-old alleged rape victim in the Maldives has been sentenced to 100 lashes and eight months under house arrest for engaging in premarital sex.
The girl admitted having consensual sex with a man in an incident unrelated to the rape.

Sex outside of marriage is illegal under the Islamic law of the island nation.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Janet Jackson Is Married

Janet Jackson is now married!!

Janet Jackson, 46, and Qatari businessman, Wissam Al Mana, tied the knot last year, the couple's rep confirmed to PEOPLE today, Monday, Feb. 25 2013.

"The rumours regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true," they told ET Online, which broke the official wedding news. "Last year we were married in a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony."

Massachusetts boy's rap videos spark child abuse investigation

Massachusetts authorities say they have lodged child abuse and neglect complaints against a man whose 9-year-old son appears in sexually suggestive rap videos posted online.
 Police in Brockton said Sunday they are also informing state child welfare officials about the videos that feature fourth-grader Luie Rivera Jr., who goes by the stage name Lil Poopy.

Watch the video after the cut.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

MC Hammer arrested

Rapper MC Hammer launched a string of tweets Saturday with his side of the story two days after he was arrested in northern California for allegedly obstructing an officer.
Among his tweets, Hammer said, apparently referring to the arresting officer, that he was asked whether he was on parole or probation before the man tried to pull him out of his vehicle Thursday night.

Oscar Pistorius' brother arrested for murder

Carl Pistorius is accused in the 2010 death of a female motorcyclist, Pistorius family attorney Kenny Oldwage said. Culpable homicide refers to "unlawful negligent killing," South African police say.

Prosecutors say Carl Pistorius was driving recklessly in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa, when he crashed with the motorcyclist in the daytime. Oldwage disputes allegations that his client was driving recklessly and said the motorcyclist rode into Carl Pistorius' vehicle.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rihanna and Kate Moss' racy V magazine

RIHANNA has termed her racy V magazine photoshoot with Kate Moss "a big deal". The singer stars in a set of saucy images with the British supermodel for V magazine.
More pics when you continue

Prince Michael Jackson lands his first job

Michael Jackson’s eldest son Prince has landed the plum job as a special correspondent at "Entertainment Tonight." During an interview with his new employer, Prince said he's "looking to become well-rounded as a producer, director, screenwriter, and actor.”

The 16-year-old announced his new gig on the show during a segment Monday night, and went on to interview James Franco, Zach Braff and director Sam Raimi about their upcoming film Oz the Great and Powerful.

Sarah Savage, Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend

Sarah Savage posted a racy bikini photo on her Instagram account Thursday evening and if you didn’t hate Manziel before, you definitely do now, lol.

Savage, a model and a student at Texas A&M, added this to the bottom of the photo “Can't wait to be back on the beach #15days,” which is probably a nod to spring break. Cant wait for spring break...whoop whoop!!

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett and Kate Gosselin on Celebrity Wife Swap

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett couldn't wait to do "Celebrity Wife Swap." Then she found out who she was swapping with: Kate Gosselin, single mom to eight kids.

Kendra, who's appeared in "Playboy" and on "The Girls Next Door," is married to former NFL-er Hank Baskett and lives with him, their four-year-old son Hank IV, and a fulltime housekeeper and nanny, Rosa. Hank is very involved around the house and likes to cook for Kendra and set up her girls' nights.

Kindergarten Teacher and School Nurse arrested in Murder for Hire Plot

A Virginia elementary school teacher and a school nurse are facing charges in what police are calling a murder-for-hire plot.

Angela Nolen, a 47-year-old kindergarten teacher, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly plotting to hire a hit man to kill her ex-husband for $8,000. According to police, Nolen's friend 37-year-old Cathy Bennett, a school nurse, worked with Nolen to find a hit man.

According to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Nolen's plan unraveled when she gave a police officer, working under cover as a hit man, an up-front fee of $4,000 to kill her ex-husband, 63-year-old Paul Strickler.

Strickler, who is the father of Nolen's 7-year-old daughter, told the Roanoke Times he had been working on a deal to sell his house to Nolen.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Man killed on Vegas strip identified as rapper Kenny Clutch

LAS VEGAS -- A rapper from Oakland who was killed in a shooting and fiery crash Thursday on the Las Vegas Strip glorified the gangsta lifestyle in his videos, but family and associates say Ken Cherry was nothing like the image he portrayed.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beyonce releases video of herself pregnant

During her HBO documentary, Beyonce discussed how ridiculous the rumors of her not being pregnant was. She stated that she loved being pregnant and appreciated the opportunity GOD had given her to be a mother.
Here's a video of her when she was 20 weeks pregnant

Below is a video of her 3 weeks before the birth of her adorable daughter Blue Ivy Carter.


Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream

Beyonce debuted her HBO documentary Life is a but on Saturday night. In her documentary she said "This film is about a woman and all of the challenges that we all go through,".
I watched the whole documentary and had a renewed respect for her...WOW! Several times she professed how much she loved her Husband.

I took some of the clips that I thought were very FANTASTIC to me uploaded them here on my blog

She is such an AWESOME woman and I admire everything about her. Big ups Bey!


Friday, February 15, 2013

2 Chainz arrested

Rapper 2 Chainz has been arrested on drug charges in Maryland where he was performing at a college homecoming event.
Maryland State Police spokesman Sgt. Marc Black said troopers stopped a van Thursday night about 9:15 p.m. for speeding near Easton, Md., and smelled a strong odor of burnt marijuana in the van. A backpack in the van had a marijuana grinder and trace amounts of marijuana, police said.

The rapper, whose real name is Tauheed Epps, claimed possession of the backpack and was arrested, police said. Epps was cited for having drug paraphernalia and marijuana and was released. The citation carries up to a year in jail and up to a $1,000 fine.

Agents representing Epps did not respond to requests for comment.

After the arrest, 2 Chainz' website tweeted a photograph that appears to show him posing with two police officers. Black said the Maryland State Police could not confirm the authenticity of the photograph but is investigating.

"Locked me up and then Wanted pictures smh," read one tweet, using the abbreviation for shaking my head.

Epps was scheduled to perform Thursday evening at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. His website later tweeted a photo from the stage and wrote the "show must go on."

His manager declined to comment or confirm the tweets were from 2 Chainz himself.

I bet the case would be thrown out after the judge sees this photograph, lol.

Ring card girl doesn’t notice knocked out fighter

At MMA events, there is rarely anything to pay attention to besides the fight. It's not like an NBA game, where there are cheerleaders and mascot races and dance squads and staring at Derrick Rose's knee to will it towards healing. (Maybe that was just my last trip to an NBA game.) At fights, you watch fights, and maybe the big screen at bigger UFC or Bellator events.

The singularity of events means you really shouldn't miss a knockout. Even if you look down for a minute and miss the punch, you generally don't miss the fighter laying on the ground and medical staff tending to him. You don't miss it, unless you're this woman employed to be a ring card girl.

Source: Yahoo news

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New artists: Val O'bil Wings Ricky Blaze - Model

Wings, Val O’bil and Rickyblaze make up the clique TOPZ AKADEMY.

Val O’bil, is my 20 yr old cousin (Yes ke :-) ) rapper, singer and video director. He enjoys hitting songs with iconic rap verses and stylish punchlines. He's so so cute and tall and I'm so proud of him! He has a single titled 'E ja ko'.
Wingz, the second act in the group is an R n B, afro hip hop singer.
The third act, Rickyblaze is 23 yrs old and has the eccentric style of music fused with dance hall n reggae tunes.
Topz Akademy will soon be a musical force to reckon with in Naija and someday..around the world. Here is the video of their hit single ‘MODEL”. Watch it and download it on your mobile phone.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

I watched this video and thought it was hilarious! I laughed my a$$ off and decided to share. LMAO!

Cameroon court frees 2 men jailed for 'looking gay'

Hahaha, I can't fit to laugh. Check out this story, lol. A Cameroon appeals court has overturned the conviction of two men who were sentenced to five years in prison for "looking gay" and ordering Bailey's Irish Cream. The Court of Appeals Monday acquitted the men and ordered their release. The two men were convicted in November 2011 and had already spent more than a year in jail, where they were subjected to abuse from guards and other prisoners, according to human rights advocates.