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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Na wa O!

Na wa O! I browsed through the net this afternoon looking for African entertainment News , but got no concrete result, some of the results i got were :'Sustainable Business Models To EndWorld Poverty. Learn More Today!' ,'Volunteer To Make A Difference!Eliminate Preventable Blindness',' Women change political landscape Sponsored by Carnegie Corporation' etc. but when i clicked on Entertainment news in Europe and USA, i got huuuuuge results respectively.
Na wa o!!!
Something has to be done to this Internet thingy and Africa o. No positive news can be found on Africa online. Haba!
I am working on it though!


The Pseudo-Independent said...

Na real wa and thanks for stopping. I like this post. Very interesting observation, with Africa still being spoken of as a continent with vast potential, how can we remedy this kind of situation? It will be interesting for me to I think find out what you are working on.
Ill be back.

Ugo Daniels said...

Oh, forgot to tell you, The Nigerian Bloggers are doing a chain sumthn on the 29th on the just concluded and recent political events in 9ja.

Please, go to The Nigerian Proclamation to get more info.

Thank you!

chidi said...

i've done the same thing so many times but it always comes on with rubbish. dnt get why

Stupar99´ers Football said...

Good observation love, something needs to be done. Then again to be respected by the "west" one have to live like them and is this always so good??
I missed you this weekend but figuered a way to use my fu..ed up computer by having a draft in my room so that the pc is cool I freeze tho........