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Monday, September 10, 2007

Someone needs to know.

A friend of mine called me on the phone this afternoon and asked me a question that i could not answer.

My friend had been divorced from his wife for two years but still kept in touch with his ex because of their son. Apart from that, they have an amicable relationship. They are good friends.

He told me, that she called him yesterday, and told him, she wanted him to give her another child.

He asked me what i thought of that but i couldn't help him out with it.

Can u guys help him out please?

Should he grant his ex-wife's request or not?



Anonymous said...

In a mature world, yes, why not, give her another child, infact give her double, I am sure the man will enjoy the trying process, probably take six months to get pregnant. Ye ye.

Nyemoni said...

Na wah o! I'm thinking, what a ploy to gew him back...I really think that of he feels things could work out between the 2 of em this time, they he may do as he wishes..or else...WHAT AM I EVEN SAYING SEF? CAPITAL NO!

ibiluv said...

i just got a similar request
he said
i dont wanna get married
but i wanna have a baby
u were my first and u will always have a special place in my heart
i would love to have a baby
preferably female cos i hope she looks as good as u and she grows up to be a replica of u
dont worry about expenses
i said NO
aiint the kind of live i wannna live
arent we ex's for a reason???

i guess she just thinks it might take a while to get another partner and maybe her biological clock is ticking so she feels she should try for another baby
who best with than the father of her first??
the decision is theirs to make

Ugo Daniels said...

This is friggin stupid. I mean wtf!!! They're no longer together and she wants a baby. I'll advise the man to charge her money for that, like 100,000GBP


Vera Ikeji said...

Thanks y'all for ur responses. So, i guess he shouldn't do it?

Anonymous said...

I say with over much emphasis "HELL NO!!!!!" Its good that he keeps in touch with his son, but that's as far as it sould go. If they were meant to have more kids they would still be married. Personally if it were my ex asking me for another baby, all I can say is " I wouldn't fuck her with a stolen dick" THE PHANTOM

SET said...


Anonymous said...

well, for the peace of mind of all: the decision is a clear NO. the process, as some wise person said, would clearly be enjoyable, but the consequences irresponsible. and it would certainly not take 6 months. signed, mr. singleshot "one-is-enough"

Anonymous said...

Being the great guy that I am...I will impregnant his exwife for him this one time...but if she get's addicted to me, I will have to charge him a monetary fee.

Mr.G (a great friend and all around great guy)

Vera Ikeji said...

Hey Mr. G., where have u bn? U deleted ur profile from myspace. Why?

Anonymous said...

Too much drama on Myspace...them women are crazy!!!I may come back with a new page later...I'll send you a friends request.


Vera Ikeji said...

Oh really? With several Mrs Gs i guess. Lol. Thanks for keeping in touch.