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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nadal wins his first wimbledon ever

King of Clay, Raphael Nadal has broken Federer's dream of breaking Bjorn Borg's record of winning six consecutive Wimbledon championships!

Roger Federer has won the Wimbledon championship five consecutive times, starting from 2003 until 2007.
Rafael Nadal won his first grass championship ever, today! He is the King of clay and has beaten Federer nine times out of ten on clay, but had never won in any grass championship. Now that jinx has been broken. Nadal shed tears of joy after he played the last game that made him win.
He was winning 2 sets to nil against Federer but Federer stepped up his game and it was 2-2. 1st set was 6-4 to Nadal, 2nd set was 6-4 to Nadal, 3rd set was 7-6 to Federer, 4th set was 7-6. Then the 5th set was very hectic and heart pounding. My sister was rooting for Nadal cos she felt bad for him, i rooted for Federer cos i am a BIG fan of his, but it didn't happen. The last set was 9-7 to Nadal. The 5th set went like this: It was 6-6, our hearts were in our mouth swhile we watched, then it was 7-6, then 7-7, then 8-7 to Nadal and the 9th one was 9-7 and immediately Nadal fell to the ground.
The jinx has been broken and now Nadal's name is finally on the list of Wimbledon's winners.
The game was so long, it went on for about 4 hours 41 mins.
These two are the best tennis players in the world. King of clay (Raphael Nadal of Spain)versus the king of tennis (Roger Federer of Switzerland).
Federer is still the number tennis player in the world while Nadal is still the number 2 tennis player.

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