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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hahaha, they are all urs man, stop playing around. Hahaha


Another one that i like. Hahaha. I am sure some men feel like this sometimes.haha

This is another goldie!! Loves it! hahaha

Hahaha, e dey go pack shit! Hahaha.
Sure! Ride on ride on!

I love this one, chasis!!.. my favorite! Hahaha...This woman is in big trouble. Loves it!!!

This is an all timer!! Hahaha

Loves it! Hahahaha.

Sheep shagging bastard!!! Hahaha.

Alarm don blow!

U need to enlarge this one to be able to read it.

Hahaha, poor guy. I am sure he would have preferred.....hahaha

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