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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Arizona shooting: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords hit at meeting with constituents

I don't know what business a 22 year old has messing with a gun. Most boys his age are either in College trying to become useful to themselves and the society at large or chasing girls and partying! I am not going to talk about him cos he is nothing but if you want to read about the dumb-ass, check out the link below.
Arizona shooting: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords hit at meeting with constituents

I dont know what this country is turning into...ehn!

First, the body of a former Army officer Mr John Wheeler, 66, who was a former presidential and Pentagon aide under the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations was discovered on New Year's Eve in a landfill. His body was discovered on New Year's Eve as a garbage truck emptied its contents at the Cherry Island landfill in Delaware. His death was initially ruled a homicide but that opinion may change soon.
In one of the surveillance videos he was seen at parking garage two days earlier, looking disoriented. He wasn't wearing a coat and was carrying one shoe. He walked up to one of the garage assistants and asked her if he could get warm in her booth cos he was cold. She let him in and asked him where his car was..he said he couldn't remember where he packed it. She asked him if he had the keys to his car, he said they were in his briefcase which had been stolen from him. She said it looked like somebody had done something to him from the way he looked.

The next night, Dec. 30, Wheeler was seen at another building in Wilmington, dressed in different clothes and again looking confused.

Police say somehow, Wheeler's body ended up in a dumpster 15 miles away.

Mr Wheeler, who currently worked as a government defence consultant, was a Vietnam war veteran and according to people who knew him, he always had his wits around him. So why he looked disoriented in that surveillance footage still baffles a lot of people.

And now you have this stupid boy shooting the US Congresswoman. The good thing is that she is still alive albeit fighting for her life, the bad thing is that 6 people including the congress woman's aide, a Federal Judge and a 9 year old girl were killed.

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