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Friday, July 20, 2012

Facts about James Holmes, Colorado movie theatre gun man

Photo released of James Holmes, the suspected gunman in Colorado movie-theater shooting.
Face of a mass murderer
James Holmes was a student of Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Medical School but dropped out of school last month.As at the time of his arrest, he had no previous convictions except a traffic violation last year.
He was dressed in all black, had gloves, gas masks, a bulletproof vest, a shotgun, an assault rifle, two handguns and according to witnesses, some tear gas canisters when he entered the theatre. He had no hunting or gun license. He isn't associated with any part of the Military and doesn't seem to have any remorse for his crime. According to the apartment complex manager where he lived, he just moved into his apartment a couple of weeks ago.

His apartment is booby trapped and the Police Department are trying everything they can to safely remove all types of contraptions in his apartment that might explode at any time. Neighbours in the surrounding buildings have been asked to evacuate their homes.

In the six months before the shooting, police said Holmes bought at least 6,000 rounds of ammunition, an AR 15 assault rifle, a Remington shotgun and two 40-caliber Glock handguns. He bought them legally, according to a federal law enforcement official who was not authorized to speak publicly.
According to friends of his family, Holmes grew up in a stable family and was well loved by everyone who met him. He was known as a loner but a good person. His family still lives in the two-story white house with a red-tiled roof where he grew up.

Holmes, who graduated with high honors with a bachelor of science degree in neuroscience from the University of California-Riverside, was raised in a math and science household. His mother, Arlene, has been licensed as a registered nurse for more than 30 years. His father, Robert, is a mathematician who develops statistical models for financial services, specifically looking at fraud.
Update: Police have been able to defuse 2 of the explosive contraptions in his apartment. They continued working on his apartment today.

One of his neighbors who is VERY VERY lucky said: On the night of the incident, she could hear loud music from from the apartment above hers, so she walked up there to tell the owner to turn the music down, but when she got there, she lightly touched and tried to knock, she said it looked like the door was slightly open but something told her not to open the door, so she walked back to her apartment. She was SOOOOO lucky she didn't go into the apartment because James Holmes connected some of the explosives to a timer on his music box and the door, so if anyone had entered the apartment, it would have set off the explosive and blown the person to pieces. Smh.

He has been  assigned a Public Defendant.

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