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Saturday, January 12, 2013

New artists: Val O'bil Wings Ricky Blaze - Model

Wings, Val O’bil and Rickyblaze make up the clique TOPZ AKADEMY.

Val O’bil, is my 20 yr old cousin (Yes ke :-) ) rapper, singer and video director. He enjoys hitting songs with iconic rap verses and stylish punchlines. He's so so cute and tall and I'm so proud of him! He has a single titled 'E ja ko'.
Wingz, the second act in the group is an R n B, afro hip hop singer.
The third act, Rickyblaze is 23 yrs old and has the eccentric style of music fused with dance hall n reggae tunes.
Topz Akademy will soon be a musical force to reckon with in Naija and someday..around the world. Here is the video of their hit single ‘MODEL”. Watch it and download it on your mobile phone.


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