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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Venezuela turns prisons into posh resort

One prison in Venezuela has turned its penal system into a party system. The notorious San Antonio prison on the Venezuelan island of Margarita opened last Thursday a nightclub for inmates compete with lights, DJs and even strippers in a purported attempt reduce violence among inmates.
Admission to the so-called “Yacht Club” is free for inmates and their guests, usually invited through social networks and smart phones. Besides the scantily clad dancers and booming beats, the 600-person capacity club also has art, a light show and -- something not common in Venezuelan prisons -- air conditioning. The San Antonio prison is allegedly run by a drug trafficker called Teofilo Rodríguez, alias "El Conejo," or "Rabbit," and the prison itself has earned a reputation across the country for being well-armed and lavishly decorated with a palm-tree lined swimming pool and a cock fighting ring, according to a report by the Latin American news website InSight Crime

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