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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

James Gandolfini is dead

Oh My Freaking Goodness!!!! I can't believe James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano is DEAD!?!! I still find it hard to believe he's gone FOREVER!!

He went to freaking Italy on vacation and died today, WTH!! He was my MOST favorite actor. He was the BEST ACTOR in the freaking whole wide world!! I was sooooo looking forward to seeing him in Zero Dark Thirty, now I will watch that movie with tears streaming down my face. OMFG!!

James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano
News report:
"James Gandolfini, who played mobster Tony Soprano on HBO's seminal drama "The Sopranos," died suddenly today at the age of 51.
Gandolfini was traveling in Italy on vacation when he fell ill; conflicting reports have him suffering either a heart attack or a stroke. He is survived by his wife, Deborah Lin, and an eight-month-old daughter, Liliana, as well as a son, Michael, from a previous marriage.

HBO confirmed his death in a statement: "We're all in shock and feeling immeasurable sadness at the loss of a beloved member of our family. He was a special man, a great talent, but more importantly a gentle and loving person who treated everyone no matter their title or position with equal respect. He touched so many of us over the years with his humor, his warmth, and his humility. Our hearts go out to his wife and children during this terrible time. He will be deeply missed by all of us."

Wow!! The world has lost a very special person but the heavens have gained an amazing human that will keep them laughing all the time up there! I still can't believe he's gone!! WOW!! This life!!

May his soul rest in perfect peace

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