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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scam victims are as guilty as scammers

"People who fall for so-called " Nigerian scams" aren't victims at all—in fact, they're greedy and should be jailed, according to Nigerian high commissioner Sunday Olu Agbi. This is something i have always said, and i TOTALLY agree with him. He said on Friday, 22nd, August, that Nigeria has gained a bad reputation because of the scams perpetrated by a minuscule number of people, and that those who find themselves involved with the scams are equally as guilty as those running them.
"The Nigerian Government frowns very seriously on these scams... and every day tries to track down those who are involved," Olu Agbi told the Sydney Morning Herald in response to a previous article on Australians falling for Nigerian scams. "People who send their money are as guilty as those who are asking them to send the money."

Out of the 140 million people in Nigeria, Olu Agbi said that fewer than 0.1 percent were involved in Nigerian scams. The scams, also referred to as 419 scams or advance-fee fraud, predate the Internet, but have exploded in recent years thanks to the proliferation of e-mail and instant money transfers. Although the scams can take on many forms—from payments for products sold on eBay or Craigslist, to deposits on houses and purchases of plane tickets for "true love" on the other side of the ocean—they all follow the same general theme.

Scammers send huge checks to unsuspecting victims with some story attached to explain the overpayment, and the victim is expected to wire back the difference immediately. Eventually when the checks are deposited, they bounce and the victim is out a lot of money. Sometimes, victims are tricked into thinking they'll eventually be paid back and continue to participate in this endless cycle of sending money, especially if the scammer is wooing them romantically (which happens more commonly than one might think, to both men and women).

Although this kind of fraud originates from all over the world, it seems to have an unusually high concentration in Africa and, specifically, Nigeria. This has, unsurprisingly, cast Nigeria in a negative light. Olu Agbi said that Nigeria's reputation for being involved with the scams has even hurt the country's ability to land business deals. "Those who want to transact business with us are always very suspicious," he told the newspaper.
Nigerians are not trusted anywhere because of a very little percentage of people who are not straight forward.

I am sorry, but any fool who believes he can spend $1000 and gain $1000000 just by sitting on his ass is as stupid as a dumb fuck and deserves it if he gets scammed!

I was in a cyber cafe sometime last year and i saw a guy with pictures of puppies on his screen,i asked him why the puppies were there and he said they were for sale. I laughed and asked him if he thought any Nigerian would buy puppies online, knowing we ain't animal lovers. He equally laughed and told me he was advertising the puppies to foreigners, Americans to be precise, not Nigerians. He said the puppies on his screen actually cost between $800-$1000 each, but he advertsied them for $300. He also said he didn't have the puppies he advertised but pretended he did. And because they were $300, he always got stupid/greedy people who were willing to pay him for the so called 'puppies'. Let's be sincere to ourselves, why would anyone think a healthy puppy which cost between $800-$1000 would be sold for $300? Only a thief. So, the sammer and the scammee are both thieves!

I am not saying scamming is a good thing but those scammed deserve what they get for their greed. They get scammed cos they are greedy and are beaten by those who are more intelligent than they are.

I only feel sorry for those who are genuinely looking for true love but get scammed by stupid boys pretending to be girls! Enough said!


Anonymous said...

Vera, it is said that "A fool and his money are soon parted." I have to agree with you about those lazy assed people who are trying to get something for nothing. Those people deserve to lose every dime that the scam scum can con them out of. Especially when you consider that if they wouldn't let their greed over rule their common sense, (if they have any common sense) these fools wouldn't be parted from their money. The problem is that you can't put the "victims" in jail because being stupid isn't against the law. My problem with the "scam scum" is when they try to take advantage of good honest hardworking people who think they just bought something off of one of the legitmate auction sites or the lonely people out there seriously looking for someone to love and all they get is someone who is only out to get them to send them money or expensive gifts or whatever they are after at that time in life. And finally, it really is a shame that the world looks down on an entire country's population for the illegal and immoral activities of less than 0.1 percent of it's population. All the true Nigerians that I've ever met, both in person and online have been some of the most warm, inviting and intelligent people I've ever met. THE PHANTOM

Vera Ikeji said...

You are very correct Phantom. Most of these scam victims are lazy assed Mother f******! So, apart from those searching for love, i feel no pity for them.
I also have to agree with u that most Nigerians are warm, intelligent and happy people! Thanks for that comment.

ibiluv said...

true cousin says only a lazy man and a thief thinks he can make money without working for it.....HARD WORK..........

ibiluv said...

true cousin says only a lazy man and a thief thinks he can make money without working for it.....HARD WORK..........

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