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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Madonna and adoption troubles

I have been watching this Madonna's adoption palaver with keen interest and a bit of irritation.
I don't know why organisations like 'Save the Children' won't mind their own business and let the less privileged in the society make any progress. I don't know why Madonna is keen on the Mercy girl, if they don't want her to adopt the child, she should adopt another child.

I watched an interview where one of the staff of 'Save the children' organisation ran his mouth saying that 'orphans have at least a member of the family that could look after them. If they had a member of their family to look after them, then why in heaven's name are the kids in orphanages?
" He also said it was better for an orphan to be raised in their own country" Shut the fuck up man! Who died and made u King? What the fuck does he know about Africa, children, life and poverty? I will tell u the answer... Fuck all! He doesn't know shit! He is white,a Brit,and could go to any part of the world he wants with little or no stress, so why not let the child have the opportunity to a better life? Geez man!

Does he know the kind of life that child would have if she was taken to the US? She isn't just gonna live in the States as a nobody, she is gonna live a life of privilege and opportunity, she is gonna live with a fucking star for fuck sakes! Lol.

On a lighter note.
If Madonna came to Nigeria to adopt any child, I bet u, a lot of parents will take their children to the orphanage she will be visiting, lol. The kids/toddlers will even walk in to the orphanage themselves and register themselves as orphans, hahaha. They will also sternly warn their parents not to come anywhere near them during the singer's visit, hahaha.

2 weeks after they get adopted, their father would call and say "Hey, ur mum is sick o, abeg send us some money" hahahaha.

Just kidding, but the situation in this country is that bad for some people, lol.

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