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Sunday, March 8, 2009

My dream man, Robin Hood of Sherwood

Who remembers Robin Hood of Sherwood? Gee, I had the most amazing dream with him in it today and I was thrilled beyond any imaginable pleasure. Then someone (one bad belle person) rang my phone and spoilt my beautiful dream.

I was bewildered I dreamt of him cos the last time I watched that series was in the early to mid '90s!!!!

So I got up, came online and googled the series and what did I see and read? A lot! I was like a little girl once more when I watched part of the series on Youtube!!!!!!
See this sweet, chasis man! Is he every girl's dream or is he every girl's dream??? Oooolalacious! I can't believe he still makes me feel giddy inside. I saw the now mature him, but don't wanna lose this image of him,mm, mm, mmh, so I am keeping this image, lol.

Check out more info here: Check this hot guy out abeg!
I was so much in love with Robin Hood as a child, not Michael Praed but Robin, and Much and Little John and Marian and the Priest and Nasir(the one who only talked once in a year, lol) and the bad guy, can't remember his name.
Robin and Marian below, loved their love 'nwantin ti' in the series, lol.

I really really tried to upload his youtube video to my blog but I couldn't. Yaaaaaaaaaay, I managed to figure it out.

Ok, enough of my saliva dripping over him, lol.

Check this short preview out!

This is the best Robin Hood series ever and the sound track, the best! I have refused to watch any of the other Robin Hoods cos none of them is as cute as Michael Praed!


King Nkem said...

WTF???? U didn't tell me this!!! LOL The guy looks like a dork!

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