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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My current top Naija songs

These are my current top Naija Songs
Bracket (Yori Yori) I love this song! I have played it a zillion times, my sister now hates it cos of my constant play, lol.

'See my moto, come wa ya photo' 'Tear rubber everything...well, almost everything',lol. Lau, lau spending pounds ati dollars,I'm a big boy,they hate on me cos I'm a big boy! I gat too much money la po,no be my fault. Based on a fine boy too much I love the lyrics of this song! I play it at least 5times a day! lol.

This is one of my sister's all time favorite, lol.

Another all-time favorite.

People are crazy about 'Bumper to Bumper' but I aint feeling it.

I love this song!

I love ALL songs by D'Banj and Mo'hits records.

I know it's an old song but I still love it!

N'ko ti o ba ti wun anybody lo le fenu won so, lol. I dont know if that Yoruba was correct, lol.

Another old song but it makes me move my body all the time.

Another oldie that I love.

This is an awesome song but the audio quality on youtube is bad. Manage am o!


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