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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson update

Update. 3:24pm. 26/6/09
Michael's family have been briefed with the autopsy report. Now the chief coroner is briefing the press on the result.
He said the cause of death has been deferred due to the fact that additional tests need to be done (Toxicology tests, etc), he said the result of this test will be in four to six weeks. He said there was no external trauma or foul play, however, the police are carrying out a private investigation as to what really happened. He also said prior to his death, Michael had no heart problem/condition but was on some prescription drugs.
Michael's body will be released to his family at 6pm today.
The name of the Cardiologist has now been revealed as Dr. Conrad Murray.

Update. 1:02pm. 26/06/09
According to the 911 tape that was just released, the Cardiologist was apparently there with Michael when he collapsed. He, had according to the 911 caller, had given him (Michael) CPR and some form of medical attention. When the dispatcher asked the 911 caller if anyone had seen what happened before Michael collapsed, the caller repeated the question to the Cardiologist who ignored the question and asked them to hurry.
The Cardiologist was the only person with Michael when he collapsed... before the 911 caller made the call.

Update 10:10am. 26/06/09
A cardiologist who had been treating Michael until recently is missing. His car, a silver BMW, which was parked in Michael's home has been impounded and towed by the Police because they think he may know why Michael had a Cardiac arrest. People are wondering why the Cardiologist hasn't showed up yet, wondering why he didn't go back to pick up his car and why he hasn't contacted the police yet.Update: 06/26/09. 8:00am
LA county Coroner said the autopsy (Toxicology and extensive exam) to Michael's death will begin in a few minutes. They want to find out why he had the cardiac arrest.

MJ's former attorney claim Michael had been abusing prescription drugs and warned him and his family about it but they ignored him.

A lot of people are mourning this music icon. People are gathered everywhere..Hollywood walk of fame, outside the UCLA Medical center, almost every store is playing his music. People are crying, P.Diddy couldn't believe it when he heard it yesterday, Beyonce was very touched, Cher, Donner Sommer, a lot of stars have been making comments about him on TV, it's unbelievable.

I wonder if he wrote a will. I wonder who will take custody of his kids? We know his ex-wife promised to have nothing to do with his 2 kids but what about the 3rd one,blanket? Since the identity of Blanket's mum is unknown, I guess....his Mom, Janet or...I dont know who, will take custody of his three kids.

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