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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

William Levy to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey

Dancing with the Stars” fans went wild for 32 year old William Levy and his shirtless moves last season. Now it looks like showing off his hot bod could land him the role of Christian Grey in the much anticipated “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie… if his followers have a say.
Extra’s Mario Lopez caught up with the actor/dancer/model at The Grove and found out Levy has already read the book. I like the book, actually,” he said. “I think all guys should be like that.”

I dont care much for that book, I dont think it's exciting enough, lol. It's like going back to the days of High school and reading one of Penny Jordan's M & B's. The book is hot for teenagers but not for adults (My opinion, lol).
I will watch the movie though just to stare at William Levy's hot body (make my Husband catch me lol).


Pumpkin said...

Dont know him but he is totally hot! I think he fits the part of Christian Grey perfectly. Will defo watch the movie too (Make my husband no catch me too o ehehehe!) Vera i had the same impression about the book when i started reading it "just thought it was another M&B" but oh boy it is not o! M&B aint got nothing on 50 shades. I could not put it down. it is soooo hot! Cant compare to M&B. Getting part 2 tomorrow.

Christine said...

i still have never read that book. I know it got a lot of hype, but I guess it's just not up my ally :). That'll be interesting to see all the hullaboo that goes on when the movie gets close to coming out!

Anonymous said...

I have watched most of his telonovelas.Geez,he is sooo hot.His acting is amazing especially in Cuidado con el Angel and sortilegio.I haven't read the book despite all the hype but i will definitely watch the movie if he gets the main