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Sunday, July 29, 2007


Paris Hilton wanna-be, Nicole Richie has been sentenced to 4days in jail for D.U.I. She should get prison survival tips from her pal, Paris. I don't think she will need it though cos her stay in jail is very temporary. She is seen in this picture with her fiancee entering the court house.


Eddy has proposed to his girlfriend of 10months,Tracey Edmunds....ummmmm, i don't know what to make of this.

The guy divorced his wife who had 5 of his children, abandoned his girlfriend when she was pregnant and denied the paternity of the child, (a DNA result showed he was the father) and now he wants to marry again? He proposed to Tracey with a huge 8carat gold ring but i she should think 2ce before making such a HUGE decision with him.
If he can abandon his girlfriend and unborn baby in a dire time, think what he would do to her(Tracey) when he meets another girl.

Shame on me, but i am very glad that Usher has cancelled his wedding to his aunt,Tameka Foster. lol.
His publicist announced that the wedding has been cancelled but gave no reason. That woman(Tameka Foster has caused nothing but trouble for the poor lad. She severed the wonderful relationship Usher had with his mum, severed the relationship he had with his godfather Ben Vereen, and in May severed ties with his publicist of nine years, Simon Smalls.

Trapped him with pregnancy, that conniving *****.

That woman has given him nothing but trouble. He doesn't know it cos he is emotionally involved with her so he is blind to all her wahala, but we know cos we aren't. We see her for what she is.

I am waiting to hear that pathetic girl's fate, Lindsay Lohan. I am so so so disappointed in the way she has chosen to live her life. I watched her movies from when she was a child and really thought she was going to end up living like a responsible adult when she grew up but that was not to be.

At the end of the day though, it's her life. If she wants to ruin be it.

Whatever makes anyone happy.


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Vera Ikeji said...

Catwalq and knicksgrl i will check out those sites.
Ben i have forwarded this male to a couple of friends and they will check it out. What's ur blog addy?

My 2 cents said...

Too mush money syndrome and money miss road is my definition of all this nonsense.

pamelastitch said...

me no no.....

lots of ppl with attention need disorder ... :-(

diary of a G said...

those two girls, paris and nicole
lindsay lohan *hiss*

nadine said...

Paris Hilton is such a cry baby like me(lol)

Lindsay Lohan should try going back to her real self.

nadine said...

LMAO @ Usher's aunt Tameka. i really don't know why Usher insisted on marrying a girl 10 years older than him...this is such a shame.
Sorry everything didn't work out well for him.

catwalq said...

why r u beefing Usher's older girlfriend?
u guys r mean...

Mrs Somebody said...

I was just wondering if tracey Edmunds is/was babyface Edmund's wife/ex-wife?

Vera Ikeji said...

@ Mrs Somebody: Tracey Edmunds is Babyface Edmunds ex-wife.

Rogue Novelist said...

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Anonymous said...

nigeria have gay clubs y

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