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Saturday, October 6, 2007

2 Face Idibia

People should leave this hard working young man alone. Is it a crime to be handsome, have a fantastic voice and be blessed, all at the same time? No be God?!!
They tried to kill him two years ago in the name of an 'armed robbery' attempt, but didn't succeed. The young man was hospitalised for a long time, but eventually recovered.
Now, he's making waves all over the world. He's getting international awards etc, all over the world, but typical 'bad belle' Nigerians won't let him enjoy the fruit of his labour.
The blessed and most talented singer in Africa just arrived on Thursday(4Th Oct. 2007) from London, where he was nominated at the Mobo awards. He is scheduled to perform in Canada this month and Namibia in November but bad belle people are apparently unhappy about his success. So they thought that the best way to stop his shine was to kill him by attacking him again on Thursday night on his way from the airport.
The guy(2face) arrived from London to Nigeria on Thursday night, was in his car with a few of his friends and on his way to his Festac home, when all of a sudden, three guys who posed as 'armed robbers' stopped his car. They asked him and other occupants in the car to disembark. However, as 2face was about to open the door, one of the guys shot at him, but fortunately, the pellet hit his thigh. The lucky guy(2face) was saved from been fatally wounded 'cos he had his laptop on his thighs when he was shot, so it(the laptop) took most of the pressure of the bullet. The laptop wasn't taken, no money was demanded from them, no phone was stolen, nothing. So what did they want?
Anyways, Mr 2face 'the cat' Idibia is currently recovering at the hospital.
Nobody can stop his shine. Nothing dey Happen!
He has come to stay!! Yes O!!!
But like Classy babe and a few of my friends have said, i would advise him to relocate to a better country where he can live in Peace, without having to watch his back all the time.


classybabe said...

The guy had better leave Naija for sometime,shei this is the 2nd time he has been attacked by armed robbers.
Hope he gets better soon

Vera Ikeji said...

@ Classybabe: Yes O! I agree with u. That was what my friends and i discussed yesterday. The guy should just relocate, for his own peace of mind.

acainto said...

I pray he gets better quickly...I read he wasn't critically injured.

SET said...


blackforever said...

Well the reason why tuface was attacked is because of bad belle on the part of another rapper who is a member of the Eiye cult. If you remember, tuface was also attacked a few years back. Same mofo, differnt attackers.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Tu Face should relocate to Europe.

I only tolerate Nigerians.

When he was using his "Legsus", suffering and smiling, nobody bothered him. But now that he has made it, they want to kill him.
God forbid.

He should leave Nigeria for Europe.
I recommend Switzerland.