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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Random News

Inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed starts today.
Members of the jury consists of six women and five men. The inquest will take about six months.
It is said that no one is on trial,but that the inquest is about getting the truth and dispel random suspicion. Princess Diana's sister( Lady Sarah) was at the court today to represent her, a lawyer (I can't remember his name now) was there to represent Princes Harry and William while Mohammed Al Fayed was there for his son. He thinks they were murdered and he hopes Justice will prevail and the murderer(s) of his son and Lady Di be brought to book. There are 68 witnesses instead of the 12 the judge talked about. The investigators want to question as many people as possible. They also want to question Prince Charles and the Queen but the Queen is above the law and may not be questioned.
It's been ten years and i doubt if they will capture the culprits(if it was murder).
The members of jury would be flown to Paris. When they get there, they go to the Ritz hotel and would be driven along the same road Lady Di and Dodi did the day both of them died. This is would be done before evidence(s) would be presented.
Some unaswered questions people are asking are:
-If you were a person such as Dodi, would YOU let a "drunk" person drive you and your girlfriend?
-If the driver was so drunk, why didn't the bodyguard warn Dodi of the driver's condition?
-A close friend of Dodi told a British Arabic newspaper that the couple did indeed intended to marry that year. Could this have been the cause?
-Was Princess Diana three months pregnant?
Was there another car near the Mercedes which -Diana and the others were in that hit it in some way?
-Was a chemical slick put on the roadway within the tunnel?
-Was there disinformation planted throughout the world (and does it continue)?
A 17 year old boy has admitted to killing 12 year old Kamilah Peniston who was shot in the head on the 31st of April this year. He said he killed the girl with her mother's hand gun. He said he killed her with one shot to the head at close range. What stunned me was when i heard that the 17 year old is Kasha Peniston, her own brother. God Abeg O!
Kamilah's mother, Natasha Peniston admitted to keeping the illegal weapon in the house.
The full story is that, before Natasha Peniston left for a funeral, she told her son Kasha who was 16 at that time that there was a gun in the garden and he shouldn't touch it. As soon as the mother left, Kasha went to the garden and took the handgun. He went back into the living room where his 12 year old sister(Kasha) and his 8 year old twin sisters were and started waving the gun. He said placed the gun on Kasha's forehead and the gun went off while he was playing with it. He immediately lifted her on his arms and ran outside crying for neighbours to call an ambulance. An ambulance came and whisked Kasha to the ER but she gave up the struggle the following day, May 1st 2007. He pleaded guilty to Man slaughter this morning and will be sentenced on the 31st of October, 2007.
A 27 year old man has been killed by the British police. The man was shot 7 times in the head after being wrongly identified by someone as a terrorist.
Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard was involved in an accident where he hit a ten year old boy with his car. Steven was very upset that the child was hit. His spokesman, (who i am sure wasn't there when the accident occurred) said the child jumped in front of Steven's car when he was about to cross the street, without looking first. However, thankfully, the boy wasn't really hurt, i think he broke his leg or grazed it. Na dem sabi.
Britney Spears and K-Fed
Britney Spears has been told by a Jugde in California to hand over her kids to her ex husband, K-fed. He has been given temporary custody of the kids due to an alleged hit and run accident by Britney which took place after she had been dropped by her former mgt.
She drove without a valid driver's licence and was seen driving like crazy with her kids in the car. Britney's mum and K-Fed are very close. She is on the side of Kevin cos she says her primary interest is for the safety of her grand kids. Britney has now filed to have a driver's licence and is waiting to know how long Kevin would have custody of their two sons.
Remember that advert where Paris Hilton wore a hot black swim suit, washing a car and eating a burger?Well this a replica of that advert. This is a Paris Hilton wanna-be. Y'all.


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