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Monday, October 15, 2007

Exciting weekend

Hey people, i had a fun holiday. I started partying from Thursday till yesterday.

Last week was the end of fast, for our muslim brothers and sisters, so thursday and friday were public holidays here.

And guess what people? I met Excited Jade and Tayo Odukoya yesterday. It was nice to meet them in person. I think we all had fun during our karaoke session yesterday. I sang like an angel in disguise. Lol. Tayo sang beautifully and Linda, my beautiful sister with the 'angelic' voice did very well too. Lol.

This is me playing pool at a get-together party yesterday.

Linda and i sang like 'angels' with ..... voices,lol. Having angelic voice runs in the family, ask Tayo and Excited Jade. LoL.
It is the beginning of a new week.
Enjoy the week ahead people.
Kisses. Mmmmauh!!!


classybabe said...

Wish i could play pool.They make it look so cool in films

Anonymous said...

shuu! see this girl o! no be excited jade the girl call herself, why you wan give am name wey im mamma no give am now, abi e be doll baby, which one be excited jane wey you dey call the girl, oh girl na wa for you o!

I see all of una dey miliki, i no know say una voice sweet like pammy, e just wan make man sleep.

Vera Ikeji said...

@ Classybabe: It is easy sis.

@ Nkem: No vex O! I don correct her name. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Eh waaaayyyy! see this girl o! Na small remain i for believe am. Im say e don change the girl name, when i come read the thing reach end, i see say na 419 for blogsville we dey o! E come use style still leave one excited jane there. In fact i dey go sleep, 419 for blogsville, i no no say that one too don dey. You na number 1.


Vera Ikeji said...

Na wa o Nkem! U be blogsville police? Abeg soffry na. Lol. I no see the other one b4. I don change am finish now. Abeg no arrest me. U dey harsh o. Lol.

LurLar said...

Lots of fun huh?

John said...

Do I get any credits published for the pics and pool table being from my flat. PARTY ON Vera !!!!!