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Friday, February 29, 2008

Nigeria: Mysterious loss of a Penis

Hey everyone, i read this story on and couldn't resist to share it with y'all. Hilarious, but may be true. lol.

Motor bike Taxi drivers from Gwagwalada, a small locality close to Abuja in the middle of Nigeria, have gathered to protest against a client they accuse of using pigeons to steal penises.

According to the national news agency - News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the suspect’s last victim is a 35 year old Motor Bike Taxi driver named Musa Abubakar who dragged the suspect to the police station where he accused him of stealing his penis. The suspect denies all accusations.

Abubakar was very serious in his statement to the police when he declared that, Mohammed Ma’aji, his passenger had stolen his “family jewels” with the help of a white “spiritual pigeon” hidden in his bag. This spiritual pigeon, according to him, was wearing a small black tie around its neck.

"I drove this man to three different places. On our way back to our point of departure, he squeezed his legs tightly around me which made feel sick and weak immediately”, he said to the police.

"I therefore stopped riding to have a look in my trousers and it was gone !", he continued, precising that the pigeon had turned black. To him, there is no doubt about the passenger’s involvement in the disappearance of his penis. “a policeman appeared on the scene when i started screaming to call the attention of my mates”

Mohammed Ma’aji denies all the accusations: "I already have one, what do you want me to do with his?... concerning the pigeon, a holy man gave it to me to hand it over to a poor man", he said. "it is likely that Abubakar lost his penis yesterday evening with a woman ", he continued.

In a very serious tone, the Gwagwalada police chief said his men were trying to get the object of crime.

And even more seriously the local transport union of motoclyclists have threatened to take the case to court if the pigeon did not give back the missing penis to its owner in 24 hours.

Rumours of genital organ theft by “witches” used to be/are frequent in Nigeria as well as other countries in the region where “juju”, an older version of voodoo, is practiced

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