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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Avram Grant sacked

Avram Grant was sacked last night as Chelsea Manager, after only nine months of taking over from Jose Mourinho.

The club's chief executive, Peter Kenyon, had already paved the way for Grant's departure immediately after the defeat to Manchester United on penalties in the Luzhniki Stadium by claiming that second-best was not good enough for Chelsea.

Abramovich who claimed that Grant was a close personal friend, had no hesitation in formally dimissing his 'so called friend'.

Cheslea FC is becoming a joke! The guy took on the club's responsibilities when things were very tough. He had a hot to seat to sit on and he delivered, to the best of his abilities. Chelsea players are VERY good and well paid, they don't even need a coach to win a game.

At least he got to the final. He should have been given a chance to prove what he could do for the club, that's what sportsmanship is all about. That's why i think most Chelsea fans in Nigeria are not true fans.

A lot of them moved from Man. U and Arsenal when David Beckham and Kanu Nwankwo, left these two clubs respectively. Jose Mourinho started winning for Chelsea about five years ago and made Chelsea popular world wide and that was how MOST Chelsea fans in Nigeria were born.

True fans and club owners never give up no matter what!

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