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Saturday, November 1, 2008

13 year old Somali girl killed for saying she was raped

have I saw this scroll past on the news (as breaking news this afternoon) but the report wasn't given in detail, so i went online to search for the full detail.

Read the gory info:

A 13-year-old girl who said she had been raped was stoned to death in Somalia after being accused of adultery by Islamic militants, a human rights group said.

Dozens of men stoned Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow to death Oct. 27 in a stadium packed with 1,000 spectators in the southern port city of Kismayo, Amnesty International and Somali media reported, citing witnesses. The Islamic militia in charge of Kismayo had accused her of adultery after she reported that three men had raped her, the rights group said.

Initial local media reports said Duhulow was 23, but her father told Amnesty International she was 13. Some of the Somali journalists who first reported the killing later told Amnesty International that they had reported she was 23 based upon her physical appearance.

Can anyone f**king believe this??? A 13 year old girl was raped by THREE MEN, rather than jail them for the abomination they committed they stoned the poor child to death for speaking out!!!!

This child suffered a horrible death for just being a girl in a fucked up society!!!! Geeeee men!!!

WTF??? W hat the f**k is wrong with these people??? I am soooooooooooooooooo f**king pissed right now that i am not gonna write anything further to avoid shit! Is there any justice in this f**ked up world??? I am soooooo angry. If I were ....

Again WTF????

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Anonymous said...

somali is heelllllllllll!