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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lewis Hamilton,wins F1 World Champion

Lewis Hamilton is the world's youngest Formula 1 Champion ever! He only needed to come fifth or above in today's race in Brazil and he did it!! Felipe Massa was first by about 20seconds, Fernando Alonso was behind him followed by Kimi Raikkonen.

I was so tense when the race got to only 2 laps to go and Lewis was 5th, then 6th, behind Glock. I was like, 'please don't ruin ur chance man!' I was jumping up and down the couch urging Hamilton on (as if i could lift him up and make him fly past others, lol), then by a stroke of luck, Glock slowed down and Hamilton drove past him. And i was....thank God, Hamilton , this is ur chance..... and he did it!!! He came fifth!!! He was only 1 point ahead of Massa! Hamilton was...I think 98, while Massa was 97.
Massa won today's race, but he was so down cast. Massa's team were celebrating after he had crossed the line (cos Hamilton was in the 6th position after Massa had already won) but alas! Hamilton drove past Glock and won it!!!

I am sorry but I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the look Massa's team's faces when Hamilton drove past Glock. When he won, my happiness knew no bound cos he deserved to win.

What with what all the 'head ache' he had with ex-team mate, Fernando Alonso, before Alonso moved to Renault.
The incident with Ferrari: when a Ferrari driver pushed him off track during one of their previous races. He lost points because of that swerve, he appealed for Ferrari to be penalised but his appeal went unheeded.
I remember during one of their previous races, he avoided being hit by one of the drivers during a grand prix (can't remember which one now) and had to drive across the grass. He won the race but he was penalised for cutting corners, he lost some points and was pushed down to either 3rd or 4th. So, when the Ferrari incident happened, I was pissed when his appeal was brushed off.

Anyways, what matters now is that he has won the championship!!! He is the youngest man to ever win a F1 Championship and the 1st Black man (Ok, his mum is white and his dad white, but we are claiming him, lol)to ever win it!!! Congratulations man!

Oh i forgot, Nicole Schwaregegddkfkfv ...(Pussy cat doll lead singer)lol was there.
I didn't even know they were dating. I was like, "what is pussy cat doll doing there?" My sister said she was dating a car racer, and I said 'there's no f**king way it could be Lewis, she is a lot older than him", then i saw his brother in front of her and i was like...'what???',lol. Imagine Nicole and Lewis, lol, like I always say 'Money talks, bullshit walks!'
Anyways, back to my gist. She was very calm but kinda 'on edge' when the race was on, but as soon as Lewis won, she was so exhilarated! She stood directly behind Nicholas, Lewis' brother, and kept touching Lewis when he was kissing his brother. He didn't touch her, only acknowledged her presence by looking at her as he walked away.
He moved inside the pit (or whatever they call that room) and was hugging and kissing his dad, Nicole schwahdufjjlfjf, lol, (sorry, her name is too difficult to spell, lol) was there again, hugging him, he moved away from her and went celebrating with his team members, she walked to his dad and kissed and hugged him. My sister and I kept thinking....'why the fuck is she making a mess of herself?',lol. I thought she was a star, haha, no one recognised her there. She looked pretty, but all her make up was gone, she was like a star struck fan of Lewis'.

Hamilton moved away from the crowd, she kinda tried to follow him, but the crowd swallowed him up, lol. He moved to a private room where he was with his dad and some other team members, lol. We couldn't stop laughing at her nonsensity! (to borrow Chief Zebrudaya's English) hahaha. Very embarrassing! Lol.


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