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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Barack Obama US President elect

Barack Hussein Obama, United States President elect. Just two days after Lewis Hamilton won his first Championship!!!! Amazing!!! Wonders shall never end.

I never knew how the election was gonna go. I kept an open mind.
I didn't think Americans would let a Black man rule them. However, looking at his opponent, McCain, he was too old, 72 and didn't look like a good candidate to run the country (my opinion). His choice of Vice president - Sarah Palin, then compounded his whole race.
So, I was kinda optimistic but open minded as well, because I did not want to be too disappointed if it didn't happen. My colleagues at work were going to bet on who was going to win.
One of them even went as far as wanting to bet with his laptop that Obama was not going to win, but I stopped him, telling him he was not an American, hence, couldn't vouch for who the Americans would vote for. I said "only he who wears the shoe knows wear it pinches". He took my advice. Thank God he did, else, he would have lost his PC. lol. Up until the last moment, I never was sure who would win the election.
I knew Barack was leading in the opinion polls, but still was not sure what the election outcome was going to be, until I heard a loud shout in the wee hours of the morning, from my living room. I panicked and ran to the living room only to find my siblings rejoicing over Obama's victory.
I am happy for Americans, I am happy for the fact that they want CHANGE. They have used one side of the coin for a long time and are ready for the other side of the coin.
Now, America 'player-haters' may regard Americans with more respect than they were accorded in the past.
On the other hand, I am almost sure this can NEVER happen in any part of Europe, lol. (Just stating a fact).
I still can not believe he did it!!!! If this can happen, then nothing is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone, as long as they are hard working and determined to achieve what they want. Perseverance goes a long way to achieve what you want!
No more excuses y'all! lol.
Electoral votes: The winner only needed 270 votes.
Obama had 364 votes while McCain had 162 votes.
Popular votes result:
Obama had 65,293,083 votes while McCain had 57,325,487 votes. See the difference??
What an ass whooping result! Hahaha.
These pictures were taken on election day! U can check out more of these pics on flickr.
Congratulations Mr President elect!!!


Emeka Amakeze said...

Simply love your blog. Had to go thru the whole stuff. keep it up.

AlooFar said...


What pics are these? Do u know if they were taken as the family watched the elections?

It's a beautiful blog you have. I've added you to my reader.


Vera Ikeji said...

@ Emeka: Thanks for ur comment.

@ aloofar: Yeah, these pics were taken by Obama's photographer on election day. U can see more of these pics on flickr.

Afronuts said...

Wow! Michelle Obama looks like a model there!
Never knew she could look so hot!

I came across ur blog when I googled something. I'm digging it. U definitely do a good job on here!