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Thursday, December 4, 2008

MTV MAMA Awards, 2008

The MTV Africa Awards was held at the Velodrome near the National Stadium in Abuja, Nigeria. Contrary to all the negative publicity the fantastic event has been receiving, I think IT IS THE BEST EVENT EVER HELD IN THE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY. The stage was AMAZING, never seen anything like it in Nigeria, ever! When I saw it on TV, I asked my sister what country it was been held at, she looked at me and said "here of course, in Abuja". I was speechless and proud, I never thought we could build a stage as 'chasis' as that. I was impressed.
People are complaining cos they couldn't get their own way by trying to get in through the 'back door' and certain people who thought they were 'important', were treated the same way as everyone else (which is the way it should be), haha. Anyways, back to the event. It was spectacular, the lighting, the stage, the whole venue, everything looked awesome!
I don't know why some people are bitching about the event (they are entitled to their bitching though cos there is freedom of speech and...bitching, lol), we won most of the awards man! Haha. Be proud of what we achieved and stop complaining.

JOZI won this dance competition by far. P-Square tried but Jozi danced better during the bout.
Flo Rida's performance was off the hook!
D’banj (Nigeria) won Artist of the year award and the Best Male Award. He had an outstanding performance with Kelly Rowland. He won most of the awards that night.
Wahu (Kenya) won Best Female Artist. She was very emotional when she climbed up the stage to pick up her award.
Ikechuku - Wind am well (Nigeria): Best Video. Loved his performance with Cassette and the other group, cant remember their name, lol.
9ice (Nigeria): Best Hip-hop Award. His performance was cool and da bomb!
P-Square (Nigeria) won Best Group. Gee, the look on Peter's face when they won the best group award was scary. hahaha. I was like..what's the matter with him? I guess they were expecting to win more awards and were pissed cos they only won one. They should be happy that they even got one, haha. Peter's speech about his son and baby mama was just plain unnecessary, I thought he looked stupid making that stupid speech. He looked more stupid trying to Americanise his words.Thank God for his brother's timely intervention: "In Nigeria anything can happen" hahaha.
Jozi (South Africa) Best Live Performers.
Naeto C (Nigeria): Best New Act.
Late Fela Kuti (Nigeria) won The Legend Gong Award.

Seether (South Africa) wonBest Alternative Group.
The Game's performace was simply the best! He only sang one song but people went crazy when he started performing. However, his wardrobe malfunction was nothing to write home about, haha. His jeans kept falling sister said it was fashion, I thought it was bullshit, haha. When he took his shirt off, his purple colored boxers was just out for everyone to see. I am sorry I dont think showing off your undies is fashionable.


9ja's OT said...

yeah, i think showing your boxers in public is plain old nasty, i don't want to see your dirt, nice blog

Vera Ikeji said...

Thanks 9ja's OT!

'Yar Mama said...

Happy New Year. Your blog was one of my favourites in 2008. Thanx

Vera Ikeji said...

@ Yar Mama, thx a lot! I appreciate it. Happy New Year!