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Friday, June 27, 2008

Wedding of the century

What's up with all the trash, someone should have at least cleared it up!

Okay, what's up with the grrom's attire? He didn't even have the decency to button all up! Gee!!Okay, is that her daddy on the left and her grandfather on the right? I mean, people are having kids early these days but, come on! I am going to need clamps to close the shirt up... And where in the world did these shirts come from any way and what made them think they screamed 'Wedding Attire? lol.What's up with the dining room chairs here? Mmmmm.....I see some folks decided not to follow the dress code of all white. Thank goodness! Okkkkk....WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? Ok, aside from the stomach peeking out, who told this 'queen' that was a wedding dress? Heck, who told her it even matched? And why the heck are they standing so far away from each other?...maybe it's the stomach.Poor girls!! Why are they forcing these cute kids to go through this? lol. What do you think the little girl is thinking now? 'Momma, why you make me do this?' (Looks like the groom is thinking the same thing!)
Gee, say 'cheese' guys. Everyone looks so bored. Cheer up guys, everything is gonna be alright...or not !!! Lol.
Did he cut her leg with his sunglasses? Must have bumped into her mouth and knocked her tooth out too. At least she shaved her legs and had a pedicure on her big toe! Oh, peep the cell phone hanging from his shirt. Is he expecting a the middle of his wedding reception???!!! WTF??? lol.
See the missing teeth and bruise? Maybe this picture is for the police when she files her domestic battery report.
Okay, these sunglasses get around. Plastic cups and straws that bend for everybody - even the bride! We won't try to guess what's in the cup, but you can bet it's not red Kool-aid! I would comment on the bride's friend in the picture, but I just don't have the heart. That must be Shaquisha...Lord, help 'em!
To top it all off is this.......things they call cake. lol. Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines: somebody - anybody - HELP!!! Can't nobody be proud of this! Did we run out of time to frost the cakes? Did we not have the same shape pans to do all three? And why in the world would you put those things on a cake tier? I hope there's some milk around to wash it down!