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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Amazing Race producer found dead in Uganda

Jeff Rice who was a freelance producer for Amazing Race was found dead yesterday in his hotel room in Uganda. Investigators report he died of food poisoning.
Foxnews however, reported that Jeff Rice and his assistant were poisoned after they refused to give up their belongings to local thugs.
Jeff was an American who moved to Durban South Africa. He was married to Sally Blackman and had a son aged seven and a daughter aged one. Jeff owned a production company with his wife... amongst other projects.
As a producer/facilitator, Jeff was hired by production companies to make arrangements with local officials before teams arrived for filming.

There is something not right about this story though. How did local thugs get to the kitchen or their hotel room to poison their food??? Why would they want to poison strangers just because they couldn't rob them? I have never heard of anyone being poisoned just because they couldn't be robbed! I am going to follow this story.
Friends of the late producer flocked to twitter to express their shock at his untimely death.

May GOD give his family the strength to bear the loss and may his soul rest in perfect peace. He will be missed by a lot of people.

UPDATE: There's another report by the English language Ugandan online newspaper that an official police report stated that Jeff died of a Cocaine overdose. Law enforcement rep Asuman Mugenyi reported that results from the analytical laboratory indicated that there was an overdose of cocaine found in Jeff Rice.


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