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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

High School killing in Ohio

Yesterday, 17 year old T.J Lane took a .22 caliber pistol to Chardon High School in Cleveland Ohio. It was alleged that he fired 10 rounds at his school mates whom he picked at random. These schoolmates of his, sat at table in the school cafeteria when he opened fire. Fellow students who witnessed the shooting said they all ran from the cafeteria when the shooting occurred.
Daniel Parmertor

Demetrius Hewlin

Russell King Jnr.
Five students were shot. One student Daniel Parmertor, 16, died yesterday, two more teenagers Demetrius Hewlin, 16 and Russell King Jr., 17, were both declared dead this morning (Demetrius was declared brain dead hence his family gave permission to take him off life support), the fourth student is still in hospital in a critical condition while the other student has been released from the hospital today.

T.J., as he's popularly known is said to be from a troubled home, his Dad was arrested for trying to kill his Mother some years ago but I don't know if he witnessed that incident. He attended Lake Academy, a school for students with academic or behavioral problems which was located some miles away from Chardon High. His school mates said he was a quiet kid who kept his emotions to himself. It has also been rumored that one of the boys he killed (Russel King Jnr) was dating his ex gf, so who knows if revenge was a motive??
He was chased from the school premises by one of the teachers of the school and was apprehended by cops some miles away.

T.J. appeared in Geauga County Juvenile Court today where the Judge was supposed to determine if he's going to be treated as a minor or an adult. The Judge ordered T.J held in detention pending the filing of formal charges against him.


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