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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rape Victim Sentenced To 100 Lashes

A 15-year-old alleged rape victim in the Maldives has been sentenced to 100 lashes and eight months under house arrest for engaging in premarital sex.
The girl admitted having consensual sex with a man in an incident unrelated to the rape.

Sex outside of marriage is illegal under the Islamic law of the island nation.

Police were investigating allegations that the girl had been raped by her stepfather when they uncovered the evidence.
The girl's stepfather is facing 25 years in prison for the rape and allegedly killing a baby conceived from it.
Despite condemnation from the UN and Amnesty International, court officials have said the flogging will be carried out once the girl turns 18.
The Maldivian government has urged the courts to show leniency towards the girl, describing her as "traumatised" by the rape.
It is not known whether the her partner will also be charged with having premarital sex.
Last September, a 16-year-old Maldivian girl was sentenced to public flogging after she confessed to premarital sex. Her partner received a 10 year prison sentence.
The Indian Ocean nation is home to almost 330,000 people, and all of its citizens belong to the Muslim faith.
The public practise of any religion other than Islam is prohibited under Maldivian law.


Lynda Farodoye said...

that's ridiculous! what did they do to the man then?

Vera Ikeji Shilobod said...

@ Lynda: 25 years.

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