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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rihanna and Kate Moss' racy V magazine

RIHANNA has termed her racy V magazine photoshoot with Kate Moss "a big deal". The singer stars in a set of saucy images with the British supermodel for V magazine.
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 Last November snaps from the shoot were leaked on the internet after Rihanna's Instagram account was hacked. The Barbadian beauty deleted the pictures when she realised what had happened, but says it proves how desirable they are.

"I was so bummed because I thought they were so sick. It goes to show how badly people wanted this cover. I guess it was as big a deal to them as it was to me!"
Rihanna explained to V magazine. "We received requests from all over the world for the rights to reproduce the pics, but weren't ready to give them up or the story behind them, until now."

The Diamonds singer, 25, and British fashion icon, 39, took turns stripping off for the Mario Testino shoot.
In the issue which hits news-stands on February 28, the bad girls of the music and fashion worlds pose in a sexy, S&M-themed shoot.
The publication has a dual cover, one with the supermodel being naked and the other with Rihanna unclothed. 


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