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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sarah Savage, Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend

Sarah Savage posted a racy bikini photo on her Instagram account Thursday evening and if you didn’t hate Manziel before, you definitely do now, lol.

Savage, a model and a student at Texas A&M, added this to the bottom of the photo “Can't wait to be back on the beach #15days,” which is probably a nod to spring break. Cant wait for spring break...whoop whoop!!

Johnny Manziel who is an SEC quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner 2012 is sure having a great albeit his gf Savage. Manziel, who is taking online classes this semester to stay out of the chaos of being on campus, has posted photos of himself at NBA games, casinos and Super Bowl parties, but very few of those photos have Savage in them. Oh well. :-)


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