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Friday, March 16, 2007

About Vera Ikeji.

A little about me. My name is Vera C. Ikeji. I am a Clients Services Manager. I got interested in writing on cos of my sister, Linda and to share some interesting jokes, pics, and information with people. I actually started a blog on my 'myspace' page but came here to share myself wt a larger number of people, but i think i still have more audience on myspace than here. Lol.

I am a very fun girl,i like to have fun,i try to work hard, i am very objective, and think positively all the time.

I care about people around me a lot....not their opinions but their welfare, i have a very large(soft) heart. Will rather share what i have than let the other person go hungry.

I am adventurous, i like to try out new things and love to travel....

I drink 1 or 2 glasses of wine and that's me! Or 1 glass of wine,1 tequila and that's it!

I have never bn drunk in my life...i know my limits.
I dont smoke... dont see the essence..adds no value to me....

I studied Chemistry at the University Of Lagos, gained admission in 1998, was supposed to graduate in 2002, but did in 2003...long story.

I am from a large family..have got 5 sisters and 1 brother and we are all pretty people. .

I eat a lot. I love to eat becos i enjoy food. I eat and never gain i eat and eat and fat,thankfully. I love chocolates(mmmmm,delicious) and Ice creams,mmmmmm.Oooolala!

Ummm, what else? .....I am in a sweet relationship right now and i hope it works out eventually!sssshhhh.


Stevo said...

I really hope it works out too :o)


Anonymous said...

So who is he? Tell us more about him. He must be an extra special kind of guy to have someone like you in his life. But why keep it quiet? Is this a relationship that you're not supposed to be having?