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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lindsay Lohan in the news again!

Lindsay Lohan who is always in the news for nothing positive, hurled obscenities at a nightclub crowd in New York on Thursday night when fans refused to stop taking photographs of the actress as she hosted a DJ set.

The Mean Girls star, who recently underwent counselling to curb her wild ways(at just 21), was DJing at Manhattan's Plumm nightclub when she lost her temper as fans kept 'flashing' her.

Lohan turned off the music from the DJ booth and reportedly screamed at the snap-happy fans, "If I see one more f**king flashbulb go off, I'm going to stop the music and I'm out of here."

Fans took her threat seriously and the rest of her DJ set went smoothly.

It was a tense night for Lohan(who has joined the likes of Angelina Jolie), she demanded club owners hire extra security to make sure her estranged father,(cos she's got money and now thinks she is a god to her father) who was released from prison earlier in the week after serving time for assault, didn't get access.

Sources say Lohan handed bouncers a photograph of her father, Michael, and told them to keep him out if he showed up. I dont think that is fair but it is her business.

Upon his release from jail, Michael Lohan revealed he wanted to reconcile with his famous daughter.
If he wants to reconcile i think she should give him a chance, but that is my opinion(which isn't worth anything to her). The bottom line is ur parents/siblings will always be ur parents/siblings, no matter what. "U can chose ur friends but can't chose ur family".
C'est La Vie!

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