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Friday, April 20, 2012

George Zimmerman apologized to Trayvon's family and has been granted bail

During his bail hearing today, 28 year old George Zimmerman who had chains around his waist and a bullet proof vest, took the stand and directly apologized to Trayvon Martin's family. He said he thought Trayvon was a few years younger than him and didn't know if he was armed or not. He said he had previously told his lawyers and the cops who interviewed him to convey his apologies to the Martins but decided to do so himself. He told them he was sincerely sorry for the loss of their son. Trayvon's Mom turned away but his Dad-Tracy Martin looked at George Zimmerman but didn't show any visible emotion.
George's family testified on his behalf but did so through the phone for fear of their lives. His Dad said George wasn't a violent person unless provoked. The prosecutor refuted this claim siting a period when George resisted arrest by attacking the cops who tried to arrest him. He also sited the domestic violence case filed against him by his ex girlfriend.

His lawyer asked for him to be released on a $15,000 bail, but the Prosecutor asked for $1,000,000. The Judge eventually granted him on bail for $150,000.
George Zimmerman's Passport has been surrendered so he can't legally run out of the country.
His Lawyer wanted permission for George to leave the state until the date of his trial. He made this request because his said his client's life was at stake because he's been getting death threats from various people. The Judge granted him bail and added some restrictions.
George Zimmerman must have a GPS ankle bracelet at all times.
No drinking
No drugs.
He's not allowed to carry any firearm.
He's on curfew from 6 am to 11pm.

George Zimmerman's wife; 25 year old Shelley Zimmerman who is a Nursing student now lives out of state due to several death threats on her life and that of her family.

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