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Monday, April 23, 2012

Giuliana and Bill Rancic are expecting their first child

After their years-long struggle to conceive, which included failed IVF treatments and a miscarriage; late last summer, Giuliana was set for another round of IVF when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She eventually opted to undergo a double mastectomy, and is currently cancer free.

"We are finally having a baby!" Giuliana said emotionally. She said that they know the baby's gender, but "we're not telling anyone yet." Explaining that the baby-to-be is their biological child, the couple told Curry that they were set up with their surrogate through their doctor in Colorado after their last IVF attempt.

The woman is "a dream come true," Giuliana raved; although she lives in another state, the couple visit with her every month and accompany her on doctor's appointments.
"We see the baby grow and it's very exciting," Bill said. When doctors confirmed the surrogate was pregnant, "It was pretty much one of the best moments of my life if not the best moment of my life," Giuliana admitted. "It was pretty emotional," Bill added. "This was our last effort."

We received an incredible amount of love and prayers from viewers around the world," Giuliana told E! "and we want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them for their love."
Story culled from US weekly.

I am so so happy for them. They are gonna be wonderful parents. I watched their TV show and saw her struggle and go through all those IVF treatments, hospital visits, watched her cry when she got the news that the IVF treatments had failed..watched her struggle with the breast cancer diagnosis and treatments et al. Now they've been blessed with a wonderful gift.

She's a strong woman and a fighter! I'm so happy for them.

God is good!

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