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Monday, April 7, 2008

Beyonce and Jayz and Paris Hilton

Congratulations to Beyonce and Jayz, heard they eventually tied the knots on friday, 4th April 2008.

I am happy for them, they got married after seven years of courtship. Beyonce and her fondness for keeping secrets!!! Na wa. I hope it lasts.

Oh, and congratulations to new mom, Halle Berry. Won't say i fancy the name she chose for her daughter, but who am i to like the name??? lol. It's her baby! lol.

Paris Hilton was in South Africa this past week. She was there with her boyfriend and his music band. Her best friend Nicole Ritchie couldn't join her baby-daddy cos she had to stay home to look after their daughter. Paris and Nicole are dating the twins in the band (can't remember their names, lol.)
Paris and the band lodged at the Hilton hotel in the Gauteng province, Nicky's partner was seen later that evening shopping for jewellery... hmm... maybe he was shopping for Nicole??? Who knows.
Paris was also seen at the Safari park snapping away at the big 5, she couldn't stop taking pictures, of the BIG 5. She was later seen that evening at a night club, she went straight to the VIP lounge and enjoyed herself to the tilt.

Paris and the band later flew to Cape Town for another gig, they went back to Jo'burg after that gig. Then flew to Germany for the next round of their tour.

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