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Thursday, April 24, 2008

UFO sightings

Every time, people claim to see UFOs in the sky. Why is it that we in Africa, never see any UFO? I always laugh when i hear about these sightings. lol.
We have UFOs here everyday, with all the witches and wizards who do not want others to succeed. Corrupt government officials are UFOs, cos they commit all these atrocities and get away scot free.

I think we do not see UFOs because they are too scared to fly past Africa. However, if they did and their 'space craft' crashed, this is what will happen. People will go to the crash site, gather parts of the space craft and sell them as spare parts in the local market.

If there were 'aliens' on the craft, they will be captured and kept in a room where people will have to pay huge amounts of money just to see them. hahaha. They might even be cooked and eaten or used for money ritual or something, Hahaha.

UFO ko. UFO my black ass!! haha.


Anonymous said...

This girl, you are too funny, but it is true sha. ROTFLMAO!!

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