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Monday, April 28, 2008

Daughter kept in cellar for 24 years by her father

An Austrian man, 73 year old Josef Fritzl has been arrested for keeping his daughter in captivity for 24 years. Elizabeth Fritzl at 18.
Elizabeth Fritzl was 18 when her father tricked her to go with him into their cellar. He drugged and handcuffed her, locked her up and then made her bear him 7 children, 1 of whom died few days after he was born(he was a twin).

3 of the children, Lisa,15, Monika,14, and Alexander 12,all lived normal lives with their father/grandfather and their grand mother while the other 3, Kersten,19, Stefan, 18 and the youngest child Felix,5 were kept in the cellar with their mum. These kids were locked up all their lives without fresh air, sunlight, nor activity with other people, NOTHING!

Elizabeth's father, Josef, forced her to write a letter saying that she was well, but couldn't support her children and would like her parents to take charge of them. This letter was 'supposedly' left by Elizabeth in front of her parents door step along with the three children.(This was how the other three children came to live normal lives).
This carried on for years without anyone knowing anything about it. What baffles me is that his wife,Rosemary, Elizabeth's mum claims not to know anything about her daughter's captivity. I find this VERY hard to believe though.

What brought this whole incident to light was Kersten's ailment. On April 19, Elisabeth's eldest daughter was admitted to a hospital suffering from an unidentified infection.
Doctors, unable to find any medical records for the girl, appealed on TV for her mother to come forward. Fritzl then accompanied Elisabeth to the hospital on April 26 where Elisabeth revealed this startling information. This led to the investigation that led to the discovery of this abomination.

I keep did she manage to have 7 kids without help? Who helped her when she was in labour? Who bathe the toddlers? How did she manage each time she got pregnant? How come her mother NEVER suspected anything? 24years is a loooong time for something of that magnitude to go on without suspicion from those who occupy the house.

Elizabeth decided to talk to the police on the condition that she would never have to see her father again and that her kids would be properly cared for.

Neighbours are amazed that this went on for so long. They said they regarded the Fritzl's like every normal family. They said they saw Josef Fritzl as a responsible, doting grandfather to the 3 kids. He is a retired electrician who was involved in community actvities and so on. They had no suspicion of what went on in their household.
Josef Fritzl was arrested after the information given by Elizabeth. Intially, he refused to talk to the police but later confessed to sexually abusing his daughter for 24 years. He gave the police the secret combination numbers to the cellar, which is now being ransacked by the police.

Forensic team are currently searching the house to know what may have happened there and to know how the children and their mother coped for years without sun light nor fresh air.

This picture on the left is a part of the cellar where this monster locked and repeatedly raped his daughter. The one above is the corridor which led to the rooms.

Holiday video footage of this monster on holiday in Thailand has been released(today 01-05-08). In the videos, this monster was seen frolicking with friends, having fun and acting like a normal tourist. He was seen riding an elephant, enjoying a massage(as seen in the picture below) and having a good time at restaurants. Laughing and looking happy while his daughter and her kids were locked up underground. While in Thailand, his friends said he bought dresses and some other female gifts and jewelries, when asked him whom he shopped for, he simply said it was for his 'mistress'.
One of the tenants who lived in the house said he always heard noise coming from underneath the house and also said he always saw Josef taking food and lots of water down there, but never said anything about it.
Elizabeth is currently in a psychiatric hospital and has now been reunited with all of her kids. She has got vitamin deficiency and look 20 years older than she really is, while the two boys communicate with each other using animal noises, even though they can talk like normal human beings. Fortunately, their mother taught them to read and speak. They also had TV in the cellar, which helped them see events around the globe. They are trying to cope with sunshine and seeing other people for the first time, and they are doing well.

Kerstin is currently recovering from her ailment.
I keep wondering, what if he had died, what would have happened to those people in the celllar?
More update(05/05/08):
Josef Fritzl's sister-in-law claims that he was arrested several years ago for raping a 24yr old nurse in her home. She claims he only served 1 year and half in jail before he was released. The police however, are trying to get police records detailing this incident, they doubt if they will get the record because according to them, criminal records are usually erased 15 years after the crime have been committed.
The prosecutor in charge of this case is set to meet with Josef Fritzl for the first time either on wednesday or on thursday. Austrian police officials said they had to go through 8 doors to get to the cell where the victims were held captive.
Hospital officials say Kersten's health is improving but still serious.
The reunited siblings have been given toys to play with to aid their recovery.


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gailbob said...

I am at a loss as to express the horror I feel towards this monster (he is not human so I will not dignify him by calling him a man) this crime is abominable. I hope he doesn't get the death penalty, I would rather he exist in the same enviroment that he inflicted on these helpless human beings. I pray that these innocent people can cope with the disgusting injustice that this monster did. I have a clastophopia of small and dark places, I take my hat off to these brave ones and wish them the best.

Adam said...

I'm not agree with wortor in that [ELECTRIC CHAIR IS HIS PORTION] because the death is a mercy to this monster and he do not deserve the mercy.

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