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Friday, April 25, 2008

Lagos State Government BRT Buses

Some ignorant people are trying to sabotage the effort of the Lagos state government.
Yesterday, a friend of mine bought a ticket for one of the BRT(Bus Rapid Transit) buses at the National stadium, he presented his ticket and proceeded into the bus. They moved from Stadium to Barracks where more people boarded the bus, but what happened there angered him a lot.
He said bus fare was taken from passengers but tickets were not issued, when he confronted the ticket collector about this, he ignored him. He found this very annoying and started yelling at the conductor, telling him that his conduct was corrupt, fraudulent and was a sabotage to the effort of the State government. Other passengers in the bus supported my friend and asked the conductor to issue tickets. Yet he ignored them.
My friend decided he was going to copy the bus number and report the case to those in charge in Alausa. This frightened the guy who issued ticket, he panicked, alighted at a designated bus-stop, liased with some of the ticket sellers, came back on baord and started issuing tickets to those who had paid, but had not been issued tickets previously. My friend ignored this and persisted that he was still going to report the fraudulent act.
An elderly LAMATA official who was in the bus, told my friend to let it go, he said ' they are young boys and they have to eat'. My friend told the old guy that he was disapointed in him and was going to report him as well for 'aiding and abetting', he started begging my friend to have mercy. Everyone in the bus, as well as other passengers started to beg my friend to have a change of heart and not report the perpetrators. Eventually he agreed not to report any of them but asked them not to try to cheat the government again. (As if that would change anything).

For those of you who do not know about the BRT project, check out these links


Anonymous said...

Do you think this people will change?

You should have reported this guy's.

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