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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Soundcity Music Video Awards

Hey people, urs truly was at the Soundcity Music Video Awards (SMVA) last night with two of my sisters, Linda and Laura.
The event started very late. It was supposed to start at 5pm but didn't start until about 9pm.
Go to linda's blog for more details.
These are few pictures from the concert. I laughed, took several pictures and had very good fun.

Freshly ground

Laura Ikeji and Gbemi

Nas and Sheila Okonji

Nas and Charly Boy

NAS had fun. He was supposed to perform only two songs, but he couldn't stop. He kept going on and on until his bodyguard walked up to him and adviced him to stop.

Mohit allstars performing on stage.

Urs truly.

Freeze, Dbanj and Ashionye were the comperes of the night. Dbanj thrilled the crowd, he didn't stop amusing people. If he ever decides to quit music, he should become a comedian. We couldn't stop laughing at the show.


Anonymous said...

Hey vera... could you please let us know who won various categories. I"ve been searching all over online for it.
Thank you

Vera Ikeji said...

Pls go to my sister's blog,, she has all the details. I am feeling too lazy to list who won what, lol.

Vera Ikeji said...

Pls, kindly visit my sister's blog,, she has all the details. I am feeling too lazy to list who won what, lol.

Vera Ikeji said...

@ Anonymous: Okay, i have loaded a few winners. My sister has got all the details, i.e. the categories, nominees and winners.

Vera Ikeji said...

My computer has been infected by a virus, so each time i try to update posts, it either does not save the update(s) or it automatically deletes it.
Anyways, until i sort that out, i will list the names of the winners here.
The winners: Best New Artiste: Asa-Fire on the Mountain
Best Male Video: Jimmy Jatt - Stylee
Best Female Video: Kween - Jebele
Fresh Video: Booty Call - Mohits All Stars
Best Duo/Group Video: Infinity-Olori oko
Best R&B/Pop Video: TY Bello - Greenland
Best Cinematography: P-Square - Do me
African Video of the Year: Freshly Ground - Pot Belly
Best Direction: The director for Olori Oko
Best Special Effect: Gbenga Salau - Aye ole (by Infinity)
Viewers Choice Award: Ty Bello
Hip Hop Legend Award: NAS
Best Hip Hop Video: Ill Bliss - You go wound o
Best Video :P Square - Do me
Best Choreography: Faze - Kpo kpodi kpo
For more info, pls go to Linda's blog,

SET said...


Dimeji said...

Vera, I was just pulling your legs, you are doing really good with your blog. I thought you sounded like somebody with a thick skin for criticism, but I forgot that you are also a lady and deserves to be praised and encouraged for doing good things. You and your sisters are doing outstanding on your blogs by bringing informations and happenings in Nigeria to us especially those of us in Diaspora.
I'm sorry for my negative comments on your blog, I guess I'm just not funny enough. Please continue being my friend.

Vera Ikeji said...

@ SET, Thanks. He sure is cute. I am very fine thx. How are u?

@ Dimeji: It's ok. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and i tot u were entitled to urs as well.
Thanks for the complimets.
I didn't stop being ur friend. I am still ur friend.

SET said...

You are fine huh? lol you sure are. I am good, thx.

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