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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snooki's ex boyfriend thrash talks her fiance

In a phone interview with KC 101.3 today,  Emilio (Snooki's ex boyfriend) told Ashley (the interviewer) he was misunderstood about his 'Snooki's miscarriage' statement, He said he only meant that Snooki wasnt ready to be a Mom. He kinda insinuated that Snooki still had feelings for him and from the way he talked, I think he would take her back if she asked him. He also had twitter words with her Baby Daddy today.
Oh my God, this interview had a lot of inside info that many people didn't know about, lol. If you are an Aproko like me, then you'll have fun listening to this gossip, lol.

I kinda think the girl interviewing him was kinda making fun of him (Emilio) though, lol. SMH!


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