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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Swimsuit Model Simone Farrow arrested for Drug dealing

Simone Farrow who is a Bikini model, singer, reality show personal, three time FHM magazine's "sexiest women in the world." has been arrested and is currently under investigation for running an international drug ring. The bikini babe, who's a Penthouse Pet, was arrested in a cheap motel in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia where she reportedly had been on the run for a month.

Farrow, who's a native Australian, used at least 19 aliases in her operation. Upon arrest, she was charged with running a drug syndicate. Police claimed Farrow organized organized high-grade crystal methylamphetamine to be packed in parcels containing "bath salts," "pants" and other things. The meth was often piled up on desks in an elegant apartment just off famed Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.
It was said that she packaged and sold drugs through FEDEX and designer clothes.
Simone Farrow who is also know as Simone Starr was initally arrested but released on bail. As soon as she made bail, she absconded to her country, Australia.

She is charged with importing "ice" into Australia and police allege she was the brains behind an "ongoing criminal enterprise" that involved at least seven people.

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal that one member of the alleged syndicate committed suicide in a Hollywood motel the day after being contacted by US authorities.
Police claim Farrow organised for high-grade crystal methylamphetamine, which was often piled up on desks in the apartment, to be mailed to NSW and Victoria hidden in parcels containing "bath products", "pants" or "small fountain kits".

Farrow allegedly developed a method of hiding the drugs inside the bath products, court documents said.
Buyers sent cash to Farrow through the post or made deposits at National Australia Bank branches into her bank account, the court heard.
More than $580,000 was put into her account between February 2009 and October 2010, court documents said.
Surry Hills man Mark Andrew Bolton, with whom Farrow formed such a close relationship that she called him "Dad", told police he paid the model more than $200,000 for drugs, court documents said.
Shit like this is usually caused by greed cos why would someone with a promising future mess it up by dealing with drugs?? Anya uku! Greed!!

The only reason I've done this is because someone was trying to murder me," Farrow told Australia's Sunday Telegraph. "I've been in ... relationships with numerous underworld figures or whatever you want to call them and I feel that maybe they feel threatened by my situation. I wasn't trying to flee the country at all; I was trying to protect myself from being killed or harmed."
Farrow was seen dressed in a white tracksuit and hoodie. She reportedly had tears in her eyes and hung her head down as she was escorted away, according to the Telegraph.
"It's either a person or an organization," she said. "I will bring [details] to light during the next couple of weeks."

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