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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snooki's ex boyfriend and her fiance have war of words on twitter

I seriously think Emilio (Snooki's ex bf) is still in love with her cos he keeps talking about ..maybe taking her back if she asked him and even wished she had a miscarriage.This is an excerpt from the interview he had with TMZ: "My wish is to sit down and talk with her for 5 minutes, no cameras, face-to-face, and have a conversation with Nicole not Snooki. I know she'd fall in love with me again."Move on Emilio you had your chance and blew it, Snooki is engaged and is carrying someone's baby.
Below is a dialogue between Emilio (Snooki's ex) and Jionni (Snooki's baby Daddy) on twitter.

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