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Friday, March 9, 2012

Texas children found abandoned in a school bus while parents are in prison

I read this news yesterday and shook my head. An 11 year old girl and her 5 year old brother were left to fend for themselves after their parents were found guilty and  incarcerated for embezzlement. These kids lived in a School bus in Sephora Texas, 30 miles from Houston. A postal carrier was the one who made this discovery and alerted Child Protective Services.
According to their Mom, these kids' Aunt were supposed to be responsible for them. She was supposed to visit the kids everyday to provide them with meals.
Really??? Who in their sane mind allows 2 little children to live in a bus by themselves?? Why did the Aunt not take the kids to her OWN home to live with her until their parents or at least their Mom was released from Prison?

According to newspaper reports, there didn't seem to be any type of food in the bus when they went in there, the little girl's hair was matted like a stray dog's. Of course it was, the kids were fending for themselves! This is the highest form of irresponsibility by the adults in their lives.

Their parents, Mark and Sherrie Shorten, were convicted of embezzling money from victims of Hurricane Ike. The mother was arrested in December 2010, the father in March 2011.

According to their Dad who was interviewed yesterday after the kids were taken by CPS on Wednesday, the school bus was supposed to be a temporary home site until they could build their own home on that same plot of land.
He said the bus has hot and cold running water, including a shower and flush toilets, as well as heat and closets. So EFFING what??? Anything could have happened to those kids, ANYTHING!!

A Louisiana attorney who represented the children’s mother prior to her imprisonment said the Aunt was supposed to be taking care of them...Well she didn't! These children lived in a School bus but weren't even enrolled in School! The little girl is said to be intelligent but didn't know how to sign her name when she was asked to do so. SERIOUSLY!?!! These parents are.....
No charges have yet been filed against the parents.

Fortunately, their Mom will be released from prison in 30 days. Hopefully, she will be able to get her kids back and nurture them properly.
My Goodness!! SMH!!!

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