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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The unnecessary death of Trayvon Martin

On the 26th of February 2012, 17 year old Trayvon Martin who was visiting his Dad and his Dad's girlfriend in Florida went out at night to a 7/11 to buy some Skittles and other snacks. His Dad lived in a gated community that had volunteer watchmen.On his way back home, he had his bag of skittles in one had while he was on the phone with his girlfriend who lived in Miami.

According to Trayvon's girlfriend, he said someone was following him and he was scared; his girlfriend told him to run but he said he'd rather walk fast.
The person following Trayvon was 28 year old George Zimmerman who was a volunteer watchman. According to George's 911 call, he told the responder that he saw a suspicious black male with a hoodie over his head. The 911 responder asked him what Trayvon was doing and he responded "He has something in his hand and is now running", the 911 responder specifically told George not to follow Trayvon and to let the cops handle it. George responded "OK" but didn't take the advice.
Several neighbours in that community called the cops saying they heard someone yelling "Help" and in one of the 911 calls placed by a neighbor, you could hear Trayvon yell "help" and then a gun shot.

By the time Cops got there, Trayvon was dead. When Zimmerman was asked what happened, he said he shot Trayvon in self defence. Really? Self defense from what? A bag of skittles? Since when did it become a crime to walk around with a hoodie?

The annoying part is that George didn't get arrested. He was allowed to go back home only based on his 'self defence' story. Seriously? People.

It's been over two weeks now and George is still walking free. I don't think justice has been served at all.
Rest In Peace Trayvon!!

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